The purpose of this post is to inform our readers of our disclosure policy.

Tickled Peach does accept sponsorships and advertising. We do this in several ways: product reviews, giveaways, banner placement on the site, social media promotion, and/or hosting of community events. However, our decision to accept advertising or sponsorships in no way affects our loyalty to our readers.

Regarding product or business reviews:

Tickled Peach will be reviewing local businesses, restaurants, and stores as part of our mission to help our readers integrate into and become involved in our community. Most times these reviews will be planned and/or paid for personally. The reviews will be honest and unbiased. We will never recommend something to you that A: we have not personally tried ourselves or B: we would not use ourselves. If a business, product, or brand gets a thumbs up, it is because it is a personal favorite.

It will be clearly stated at the end of each post if the review was in any way sponsored (i.e. if we reviewed a restaurant and received our food for free or we reviewed a product and received the product for free). Please trust that even if a business/product/brand is sponsored our review is 100% honest and truthful.

When linking to products, you may occasionally see the use of affiliate links (on Amazon, for example). Again, it will be clearly states if links are affiliate and if we receive any type of credit (monetary or otherwise) should you decide to purchase the product.

If you have any further questions, please contact me at andrea@tickledpeach.com.