Plus Size Sweatshirt Dress

We are having such a weird Georgia winter. Our “winters” are always super mild to begin with, but the last week in February we had a warm snap and one day it was 83 degrees. The pollen is already out in force because of it. However, this week our temperatures are dipping into the 30s at night and it has me wanting to dress warm and cozy! This plus size sweatshirt dress is a WIN in my opinion! It’s super comfortable, warm, and it covers all the spots you want to be covered.

plus size sweatshirt dress

I randomly found this dress while browsing in one our local Augusta boutiques, My Story. The store primarily carries regular sizes, but they have a small selection of plus size clothes. I really love stopping in occasionally because they carry really unique tops and tunics. Sometimes when I’m shopping in the plus size stores I feel as if I’m going to be wearing the same exact things other plus size girls are wearing (because we don’t have a lot of options!). When I shop at My Story, I know I’m going to find pieces that I won’t see a lot of other girls in.

(No, this isn’t a sponsored post – I just want to give credit where credit is due!)

front view of plus size sweatshirt dress

I paired this dress with black leggings and black suede booties, but I also think it will be super cute paired with bare legs and Converse. The great thing about the material is that it is so lightweight that I can easily transition it into spring.

side view of plus size sweatshirt dress

My FAVORITE part is that it has POCKETS! I don’t know why I get so irrationally excited when a dress has pockets.

Sometimes I feel weird about sharing pictures like this – I mean, this isn’t truly an aspirational type of fashion look. But who cares?! Tickled Peach is for the regular mom – the mom that doesn’t have a ton of time to shop, she doesn’t have a reason to dress to the nines each day, and she just wants to be comfortable while living her life and caring for her family. That’s what this outfit is: cute and comfy. Pick pieces that feel good and MAKE you feel good, you know?

Sadly, I can’t find this dress anywhere, and my local boutique doesn’t have an online store. However, I’ve sourced some other plus size sweatshirt dress options for you!

plsu size sweatshirt dress cinch waist

Old Navy Plus Size Cinched Waist French Terry Dress, $33

They have this same plus size sweatshirt dress in a navy and red striped version that is super cute. Online they have a code for 25% off that automatically applies at checkout, so be sure to check that out if you decide to buy!

dressy plus size sweatshirt dress

Torrid Black French Terry Mesh Inset Ruffled Sweatshirt Dress

This sweatshirt dress is really intriguing – super comfortable, slimming, and dressy? Sign me up, please. And it has ruffles! I mean I’ll buy anything with ruffles. This is $32.98.

Torrid Black Full-Length Premium Leggings, $22.90

I have to mention my leggings – I love, love, love the Torrid leggings. They are truly black, do not fade, do not pill, and they aren’t sheer. I feel comfortable wearing them even with shorter tops (I always cover my behind, though!). I have a few pairs of the full-length leggings, but as a shorty (I’m 5’2) I prefer the Black Cropped Premium Leggings. The cropped leggings hit me right at my ankle. Torrid currently has a sale on leggings – 2 for $30.

What outfits or pieces do you love to wear when it is cold outside?

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Mommy & Mini Fashion: Valentine’s Day Edition

I haven’t done a post on plus size fashion lately, so I thought it was time! Read on for Mommy & Mini Fashion: Valentine’s Day Edition!

plus size fashion

plus size fashion

Can we first address the elephant in the room? I feel ridiculous. I am not a model. Still, hoofing it around the undeveloped part of my subdivision turned out to be a lot of fun! Jason was my photographer and I think he did a great job!

Kimono: Torrid $55 USE THIS LINK for 25% OFF /Similar: Amazon $15

White Tank Top: Lane Bryant $30, BOGO 50% Currently / Similar: Target $8 MY FAVORITE TANK TOP!

Jeans: Target $25

Shoes: Amazon $33 I love these shoes SO much.

Necklace: Old, Forever 21 / Similar: Amazon $8


plus size fashion


plus size fashion

For my hair, I curled with a 1 inch Hot Tools Curling Iron. I used THIS hair wax for a little definition and THIS dry shampoo for volume. I finished with my favorite hairspray, Blo Pro.

plus size fashion


plus size fashion


plus size fashion

Poppy Grace is wearing Eleanor Rose (not an affiliate link). They do capsule releases, meaning they create dresses for a season or holiday and when they are gone, they are gone. I highly recommend you sign up for their emails and buy as soon as the collection is released. The dresses are not inexpensive ($35 range) but they are SO well made. I size up to get two years of wear, and the dresses can be worn as tops when they get too short (so I really get 3 years of wear with some pieces). The resell value of this brand is also great.

Please let me know if you have questions about any of the pictures of products above! I hope you enjoyed this post on plus size fashion!

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A Perfect Fall Tunic

It is finally starting to cool down here in Georgia. Today it is a balmy 50 degrees and it feels positively divine! I get so excited when the temperatures change because I love fall clothes. I love layering, leggings, tunics, scarves… all things warm and comfortable!

Dress (color is Black Floral)($22)

A few weeks ago I ran into Old Navy to grab a few items for our family photographs. Specifically, I needed a sweater for Cooper, a shirt for Jason, and a pair of jeans for Sullivan. Somehow I found myself migrating over to the women’s department even though my husband was waiting for me in the car. This dress was in the women’s section (our store doesn’t carry plus size clothes). I normally don’t even browse the women’s section at Old Navy because other than tank tops and cardigans, there isn’t anything that fits me. But the colors in this dress really stood out to me, and when I pulled it off the rack it looked big and flowy.

Knowing Jason was counting the minutes until I came out of the store, I slipped it over my clothes and it fit. I figured I would buy it, try it on again at home, and then return it if it didn’t work.

It worked! I am a size 22/24 at Target and a 3x at Target or Torrid. I purchased this dress in XXL and it fits perfectly!

I paired it with black leggings and some old Target boots. I’m also wearing large hoop earrings – I’m thinking I’m going to bring hoops back!

The dress also comes in a beautiful green floral ($22), a geometric print ($27), and the store also had several colors: plum is one I almost bought but put back.

Speaking of family photographs, here are a few sneak peaks! If you are curious about what the rest of us wore, I had Jason wear jeans and this button down shirt ($25) from Old Navy. I really love Old Navy dress shirts for Jason. He wears them to work and to church. They wash really well and don’t fade, and I can dry them without shrinking. I love that they come out of the dryer without wrinkles.

Cooper wore jeans ($15), a white button down shirt ($14), and a blazer ($25) , all from Old Navy. Again, I just feel like I get a lot of bang for my buck from Old Navy. I can usually score kids jeans for less than $12 (with coupons and/or the military discount), and they hold up without ripping (we bought some Cat & Jack jeans last year that all ended up with holes in the knees). The button down shirts are usually on sale, and I like to have 1-2 in his closet for church (2 because stains are inevitable with my boys, and they wear white dress shirts with bow ties to church). The blazer is made of sweatshirt type material and is fleece lined – it will be great for winter!

Cooper is skinny so I usually put him in skinny or karate jeans.

I had originally intended for Sullivan to be in jeans as well, but I loved these rust pants ($13) with his shirt ($13).

I talked about what Poppy and I wore HERE.

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Mommy & Mini Style

I certainly do not consider myself a fashionista. These days I pretty much exist in workout pants and some sort of stained tank top or t-shirt. My fashion style lends towards the practical, “what can I wear that will be both comfortable and will withstand the harsh chemicals I use to clean my children’s messes” variety. However, I do love getting pretty. Makeup, styling my hair, wearing a nice outfit… it’s amazing what that can do for your mood. On days when I’m not leaving my house, I look like a hobo. But on days that I have meetings, church events, bible study, school volunteering, or on the ever-so-rare date night… well, let’s dress up baby!

On thing you should know about me: this is not a blog that will be advertising every item of clothing available at Nordstrom, featuring $300 shirts, designer jeans, or expensive shoes. I just don’t have that sort of disposable income. (More power to you if you do, though! No judgment here!) I shop primarily at Torrid, Lane Bryant, Old Navy, Target, and Walmart. I don’t purchase shoes that are more than $50. I buy my tank tops in bulk from Target or Walmart. My jeans are Ava and Viv. In short…. I ain’t fancy. I do like to look cute, but I have to do it on a budget. I imagine many of you feel the same way!

In addition to shopping on a budget, things are further complicated by shopping on a budget for plus size clothes. Curvy girls, do you know what I mean? Lane Bryant and Torrid have really stepped up their fashion games lately, but unless you shop a sale or use coupons, their clothing can be pricey. (Subscribe to text and email alerts – there is always a sale or coupon code!) I’m really happy that both Walmart and Target have been putting out affordable, trendy plus size clothing lately! The Ava and Viv line at Target carries my favorite jeans as a matter of fact.

I thought it would be fun to do a series on plus size fashion… and include some of my mini-me’s recent purchases as well! Introducing Mommy & Mini Style!

This first picture is the outfit that I wore to the Khaki Ball. The dress code was cocktail attire, and I wanted to be comfortable. I love me a full skirt, and the velvet kimono added the perfect touch to tie my booties and clutch together. The booties are SO comfortable. I have a lot of foot pain and can’t really tolerate heels anymore. I danced, stood, walked to and from our car and felt no pain all night. I plan to wear this outfit out during the holidays!

The Ava & Viv tank tops are amazing – long enough to cover my tummy and booty, thick, and they don’t shrink when you dry them.

Tank top /Skirt/ Booties /Clutch

The necklace is over a year old and was purchased from Forever 21. I can’t find the kimono online, but it was from Torrid. THIS has a similar vibe and I think it would look very cute with the skirt.

Next up is Sister! This leopard dress is short sleeve but it will transition well to fall and winter with a cardigan or jean jacket. I got the vest at a consignment sale this fall, and the puppy purse is from Target (of course). The booties are Old Navy!


I also found a long sleeve version of this dress that has a fuller skirt. There is also a matching dress for your older girls! Since the vest was consignment, I can’t find the exact match online, but this Carter’s version is only $12. I would size up so you can wear for a few years. Her exact booties aren’t available online anymore, but this is a taller version. I also can’t find the puppy purse, but I purchased it about 3 months ago, so I guess that’s to be expected.

Note to self: if you are going to do outfit posts, you might want to post them while the items are still sold in stores.

I love these little floral dresses from Old Navy. They’ve sold them for 3 seasons now and I always snap up multiple pairs. They wash well (wash on cool and air dry so they do not fade), are comfortable, are lightweight, and you can easily layer them for more warmth. These dresses look adorable on their own, with a vest, with a denim jacket, with a cardigan… you can really dress them up or down. Plus… they are cheap! Old Navy is always running some sort of sale, so I’ve always been able to score them for $12 or less.

Her shoes were purchased in a wholesale FB group back in the summer.

I love, love, love her socks. They are knee high cable knit socks and they look adorable with dresses, boots, or flats. She’s worn them for two years now.

Dress (comes in many different colors and patterns) / Socks (sold as a 5 pack for $14!)

A note on the socks: I ordered the 1T size and she has worn them for 2 years. They do run a size big, so just keep that in mind when ordering.

This last picture is from our family pictures, and I adore both of our outfits. My outfit is from Torrid, and the boots are from Amazon. Poppy’s vest is consignment (although it is an Old Navy vest that they currently sale in the stores), and the dress and boots are Old Navy as well.

My Boots/ Poppy’s Fur Vest/ Poppy’s Dress / Similar Booties

I can’t find my shirt online (BOO), but I did find a few options that would give you a similar look. If you like the orange/rust color, THIS dress is cute and would look adorable with a jean jacket and booties. It’s on sale too! I also really like the color and cut of this shirt, and it would look great with jeans. If you like the high/low design of my shirt, THIS is similar and comes in a white floral pattern that would also work for fall.

The jeans are Torrid’s new Premium Stretch Skinny Jeans. I normally would never pay that much for jeans, but they had a pair on their clearance rack and combined with a promotion, the price was $25. They do incredible things for your body – sucks in all the places that need to be sucked in, lift up our booty, etc. The inseam comes in extra short, short, regular, tall, and extra tall and being 5’3 the short work perfectly for me as ankle jeans.

The booties I purchased from Amazon. I found a similar pair in beige on Jane a few years ago and I wore them until the heel fell off. I was browsing on Amazon and came across these boots and fell in love! It has a 2 inch heel so I can run around town doing errands, stand, walk to and fro and my feet never hurt. You do need to wear no show socks with these – nothing worse than seeing socks peek above your booties!

This post does contain affiliate links, meaning I may receive a small percentage of the sale if you decide to purchase any of the items I linked to above.

Let me know what you think of this post – do you want to see more fashion posts?