Patriotic Crafts for Kids


Yesterday Cooper followed me around the house for the better part of an hour while I was cleaning. “I’m bored!” he chanted over and over. Bored? The kid has a playroom full of toys, for pete’s sake! While the baby was napping, I quickly consulted Pinterest and came up with some patriotic crafts we could do before lunch. Both of these are quick, easy, and you probably have most of the materials on hand.


Cooper is still too young to take part in our annual fireworks explosion on the 4th of July. I thought these Fireworks in a Bottle were a cute substitute. He and Sullivan can shake them to their hearts content while the adults handle the explosives!

Directions: Remove the label from an empty water bottle. Fill the bottle with whatever red, white, and blue you have on hand. I used curling ribbon, red and white glitter, and buttons. You can also use pom poms, pipe cleaners, beans, rocks… be creative and see what you have on hand! Fill the bottle with water and secure the top with hot glue. You could also use baby oil (which will help the glitter stay suspended longer than the water will) but to me that was just a disaster waiting to happen.


For the next craft, I taped down some craft paper and let Cooper paint some blue construction paper with red and white paint.


Once the paint dried, I secured the paper into a cylinder shape with adhesive. I used streamers on the bottom, and the loop to secure the windsock is made from streamers as well. This Patriotic Wind Sock was super easy and my son was super excited to see it blowing in the wind all day!

Have you been doing any patriotic crafts to prepare for the 4th of July?