Plus Size Sweatshirt Dress

We are having such a weird Georgia winter. Our “winters” are always super mild to begin with, but the last week in February we had a warm snap and one day it was 83 degrees. The pollen is already out in force because of it. However, this week our temperatures are dipping into the 30s at night and it has me wanting to dress warm and cozy! This plus size sweatshirt dress is a WIN in my opinion! It’s super comfortable, warm, and it covers all the spots you want to be covered.

plus size sweatshirt dress

I randomly found this dress while browsing in one our local Augusta boutiques, My Story. The store primarily carries regular sizes, but they have a small selection of plus size clothes. I really love stopping in occasionally because they carry really unique tops and tunics. Sometimes when I’m shopping in the plus size stores I feel as if I’m going to be wearing the same exact things other plus size girls are wearing (because we don’t have a lot of options!). When I shop at My Story, I know I’m going to find pieces that I won’t see a lot of other girls in.

(No, this isn’t a sponsored post – I just want to give credit where credit is due!)

front view of plus size sweatshirt dress

I paired this dress with black leggings and black suede booties, but I also think it will be super cute paired with bare legs and Converse. The great thing about the material is that it is so lightweight that I can easily transition it into spring.

side view of plus size sweatshirt dress

My FAVORITE part is that it has POCKETS! I don’t know why I get so irrationally excited when a dress has pockets.

Sometimes I feel weird about sharing pictures like this – I mean, this isn’t truly an aspirational type of fashion look. But who cares?! Tickled Peach is for the regular mom – the mom that doesn’t have a ton of time to shop, she doesn’t have a reason to dress to the nines each day, and she just wants to be comfortable while living her life and caring for her family. That’s what this outfit is: cute and comfy. Pick pieces that feel good and MAKE you feel good, you know?

Sadly, I can’t find this dress anywhere, and my local boutique doesn’t have an online store. However, I’ve sourced some other plus size sweatshirt dress options for you!

plsu size sweatshirt dress cinch waist

Old Navy Plus Size Cinched Waist French Terry Dress, $33

They have this same plus size sweatshirt dress in a navy and red striped version that is super cute. Online they have a code for 25% off that automatically applies at checkout, so be sure to check that out if you decide to buy!

dressy plus size sweatshirt dress

Torrid Black French Terry Mesh Inset Ruffled Sweatshirt Dress

This sweatshirt dress is really intriguing – super comfortable, slimming, and dressy? Sign me up, please. And it has ruffles! I mean I’ll buy anything with ruffles. This is $32.98.

Torrid Black Full-Length Premium Leggings, $22.90

I have to mention my leggings – I love, love, love the Torrid leggings. They are truly black, do not fade, do not pill, and they aren’t sheer. I feel comfortable wearing them even with shorter tops (I always cover my behind, though!). I have a few pairs of the full-length leggings, but as a shorty (I’m 5’2) I prefer the Black Cropped Premium Leggings. The cropped leggings hit me right at my ankle. Torrid currently has a sale on leggings – 2 for $30.

What outfits or pieces do you love to wear when it is cold outside?

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