Nursery to Big Girl Room Transition

My daughter, Poppy Grace, is 2.5 years old. She’s my last baby, a precious firecracker who brings excitement and laughter to our lives each day. I truly can’t fathom how in the world she’s already 2… didn’t I just have her? Wasn’t she just a newborn baby, snuggly and sweet? Did I not just paint her nursery and lovingly hang pictures and canvases on her wall?

I’ve been denying the passage of time, and as I’m sure you other mothers know, somehow time always catches up to you. I had this idea in my head that if I just kept her nursery intact that she would still be my baby. But she’s growing up and I’m slowly realizing that her room needs to grow up with her.

Her latest achievement is that she’s finally figured out that she doesn’t have to (physically) stay in her crib if she doesn’t want to stay in her crib. A couple of weeks ago, my husband laid her down for a nap so that I could take a hot bath (my favorite form of relaxation). I was lounging in the tub, reading a book, when I heard her chatting with her brothers in their room. I got out of the tub, dressed, and went into my boys’ room to find out what had happened, expecting that it was one of them who had helped her out of the crib. Nope! she informed me. She had gotten out on her own, and she was all too happy to show me how she had done it. Turns out my petite girl can now pull herself up, hike a leg over the railing, and then jump down.

Fun times.

Since then, she takes great joy in getting herself out of the crib whenever she objects to the atrocity of me trying to get her to go to sleep. That’s quite often. I’m thinking maybe it is time to start thinking about transitioning her to an actual bed.

I’ve begun making some initial plans about how to best transition her room from a nursery to a big girl room. I know that I don’t want to do anything drastic to her room. The accent wall and wall colors will stay the same, and I want to keep the same color palette. The furniture, except the crib, is in good condition and will remain.

This is the view of her room as you enter the door. I’m so very sad that the crib has to go. It has held all three of my babies and has been in use since 2010. I’m thinking I’m either going to have it made into some sort of furniture or keep it in the attic for any future grandchildren.

Right now my plan is to replace the crib with a twin bed, placing the bed where the crib is now. Her dollhouse will have to be moved either to the hallway outside her room or downstairs to the playroom. I’d like to keep the chair in the room for now because she does like to be rocked (and I’m not giving that up until she refuses to do it anymore).

I absolutely love her accent wall – it’s pink gingham, and yes, my husband and I painted that ourselves. It was a labor of love, let me tell you.

The curtains will remain as well. My mom made the curtains with fabric we found at a fabric store that has since gone out of business. We also made the cornice board ourselves and covered it with fabric.

I have a large gold monogram that hangs above her crib but it is in her closet at the moment.

I love her bedding. LOVE. The colors, the print… it is beautiful, soft, sweet, innocent…. all the things I wanted her room to be. I’m thinking I would like to perhaps track down the fabric and make a twin bed skirt. That can’t be that hard… right? My mom has been promising to teach me to sew for years, but she works full time and is busy so it has just never happened. A friend recently shared SewingMachine with me. They are a business based out of Atlanta, which is an easy day trip, that sells sewing machines, supplies, and even offers classes to teach you how to use what you buy! Let’s face it – I love my mom, but we’d probably kill each other if she had to teach me to use a machine, so maybe I’m better offer learning from a professional. Ha!

Here’s what I refer to as “Bow Corner.” I’d like to add some decorative hooks or shelving for headbands, purses, and assorted little girl accessories.

This is the wall that faces the crib. To the left is her closet. I’d like to get the frames up off the dresser and expand the gallery wall. What I really need help with is styling – any tips? What would you put on top of her dresser? I need it to be practical yet pretty.

Here’s the other corner of her room. The dollhouse will need to be moved, but as I said, I’d like to keep the chair. The bookcase baskets hold diapers (every day, nighttime, and swim diapers). I’m hoping by summer we can get rid of those. The top basket holds her sound machine (a must) and my breast pump (so random – why is that still there?!).

I’ve had that mirror since Jason and I first got married in 2003, and it has hung in all three of my babies’ nurseries. It will definitely stay.

I’d love to get some feedback from you! What changes would you make to the room? Do you have styling tips for me? Help a girl out and send me some sources for bedding that you think would go well in the room!

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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