Weekly Prep: Steps To Start Your Week Off Right

Confession time.

I’d like to say that my New Years Resolutions are still going strong, that I’m crushing my goals, and that I am rocking 2018.

Not so much.

The truth is that there were no New Years Resolutions. I haven’t set any goals for myself. January was a hard (and long) month and I’ve struggled through most of it, feeling as if I was doing the absolute minimum to get by. Excuses: my family has been sick, the weather has been dark and dreary, my depression is rearing its ugly head… whatever. None of that matters. Sometimes you just have to pull yourself up and tell yourself you are going to do better.

With that said, things have needed to change. I need to get back into a routine and on a schedule. I need to figure out what is working for me and what’s not. I need to focus on productivity and organization. When these things are being addressed in my life, my anxiety is lessened and both me and my family are both happier and healthier.

So what’s working for me? I’m still a work in progress, obviously. But lately I’ve been focusing on really using my Sundays to set myself up well for the week, and spending a little time each night to prepare for the next day. I’d love to hear from you as well – what do you do that helps maximize your organization and productivity?

Weekly Prep: Steps to Start Your Week Out Right

  • I’ve been using grocery pickup at Walmart for my groceries since the summer, and that has been a total game changer for me in terms of being organized, being efficient, and saving money. I schedule my grocery pickup on Sundays after church, and we swing by to pick up as we drive home from service.
  • When we get home, I immediately prep my produce. I wash all my fruits and let them dry thoroughly on the counter as I unload the rest of the groceries. When they are dry, I store them in Tupperware with a paper towel lining the bottom. This has been an amazing hack in terms of my fruits lasting longer! You can change out the paper towel as it gets damp. I love that I can just pull out fruit for meals with no washing or cutting.

  • I keep my lettuce in the plastic containers they are sold in, but again I open them up and line the container with paper towels. I replace the paper towels each day. This has been a huge help in making sure my lettuce/spinach/arugula lasts longer!
  • Another thing I like to do is make a huge batch of hard boiled eggs in the Instant Pot! I load up the pot with about 18 eggs, cook them, peel them, and store them in the fridge with a bit of water. Jason loves to grab a couple and eat them as breakfast, the kids eat them as snacks, and they are a quick meal or snack for me if I’m running short on time. I usually make about 18 eggs at a time.

  • I always skip breakfast. It’s a horrible habit that has wrecked havoc on my metabolism, and one I’m determined to change. One way I’m attacking this is breakfast smoothies! We have a Nutra Ninja and I absolutely love it for convenience sake. (We also have Vitamix, but I find myself using the Nutra Ninja more. It’s quicker to use and easier to clean.) To make things even easier, I prep our smoothie cups the night before. I add in greens, fresh fruit, and the protein powder. The next morning all I have to add is almond milk and some ice. I store it in the fridge and it is easy to just add two more ingredients, blend, and go!
  • Once a week, I made a big batch of soup. We eat it once during the week for supper, then I go ahead and portion out the rest into individual containers for easy lunches.
  • On Sundays, I update my calendar and to do list. I like to head into the week knowing what I’ve got scheduled and what needs to get checked off my list.
  • Each night I update my to do list and try and create a loose schedule for the day.
  • Every afternoon when Cooper comes home, I go through his folder and backpack, we do his homework, and I restock his snack and prep his lunch (if he is taking lunch that day). I also set out his water bottle so it is ready to go in the morning.
  • I try to set out everyone’s outfits, including shoes, the night before. Shoes are really the crucial part  – someone’s shoes are always missing as we walk out of the door and it results in me loosing my temper and yelling because I’m scared we are going to be late.

One thing I don’t currently do that I would like to start doing is getting up early! Cooper goes to school late (at 8:40) and I confess most mornings I sleep until 7:00, which is when I wake him up. This always results in me rushing, being frazzled, and a lot of times being in a bad mood. I never have time to shower, and if I do, I never have time to actually get ready. My goal is to get up at 6:00 so I can get myself ready and hopefully have a quiet time before the kids get up and things get hectic.

What about you? Do you have any mom hacks for smooth and productive days? I’d love to hear them!


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