Halloween Happenings

Hey friends! Did you survive Halloween? I AM EXHAUSTED. I feel like I’m been on a hamster wheel and I can’t get off for the past few weeks. We have absolutely no plans this weekend, and I am so looking forward to one solid Saturday of lounging in my pajamas, watching some bad television, and eating a big crock pot of queso. I can’t wait!

I wanted to write about our Halloween Happenings before we move on to the next thing – Thanksgiving and Christmas! Wahoo! It’s my favorite time of year.

Before I get started, I want to address what will probably be the elephant in the room. Yes, you will see my children in different costumes. No, I don’t go out and buy a different costume for every event or party we go to. I shop at consignment stores, we use our dress up items, I build off dresses I already have in Poppy’s closet… Halloween is fun! Why not wear different costumes? I always get a bit of side eye from people about this but have you met me? Come on. I do everything big. It’s just my personality. There are no rules! If you want to wear more than one costume, go for it! If you want to wear one single costume and throw it away at the end of Halloween night, yay for you! We don’t pay each other’s bills so I say do what works for you. 🙂

First up was the Halloween party at my dad’s work. My father works for SCE&G as a lineman, and each employee has the opportunity to pay into a event fund that they use to plan family events. They do a Halloween party, a Christmas party, and a Easter egg hunt. I’m always amazed to see what a group of guys can come up with for these parties. The food is absolutely delicious – we seriously look forward to the company that caters all year. They have bounce hours, a bonfire, a haunted hayride, games, and a costume contest with prizes.

As you can see, we had a unicorn, a pirate, and a french fry. Sullivan had planned to be the costume he picked out for this year – a hot dog – but he said he wanted to save it for Halloween night. We improvised with our pirate dress up jacket. We already owned Poppy’s dress and I ordered the unicorn hair clip earlier this summer.

I had high hopes for the costume contest. Poppy has won for the past 2 years, but this year she wasn’t the reigning champ. That went to a different pirate. Whomp whomp. She still looked adorable though!

I talked a little about this earlier this week, but one of our fall traditions is to go to Steed’s Dairy, a local farm. They have so much to do – a corn maze, jumping pillow, huge slides, hay ride, and more. It’s so much fun. We let the kids lead us in the corn maze and it took us about 15 minutes to get out, so it wasn’t too bad. I had to laugh because in the collage above you can see that Jason and I do a corn maze picture every year – it’s like a progression of us aging. Yikes!

I had all these plans to do fun themed food during the month of October, and all I managed was our Boo to You Halloween dinner. I did pull together some mummy dogs and zombie brains, and we did have a pumpkin roll I purchased from Publix I made from scratch. 😉 We carved our pumpkins (even Saylor is in the picture above!) but sadly, the haunted house cookie kit still hasn’t been touched. Maybe this weekend we will tackle that.

This past Saturday we went to Boo at the Zoo, which is another Halloween activity we try to make an annual tradition. Jason’s mom has been in town, so she went with us, and my mom and niece met us there. My niece is far too cool for photographs, but I promise she was there. Poppy was Princess Poppy from Trolls, Cooper was someone from Star Wars (his costume from last year), and the hot dog made an appearance! I tell you what, this hot dog was the hit of the zoo. We had people stopping to laugh all night.

Every year I go back and forth on if we will return the next year to the zoo. We love the zoo, but it is dark and the animals are for the most part asleep or have been moved out of their enclosures. It’s so crowded and they’ve moved away from giving candy and instead give little coloring/information cards. Our annual membership doesn’t cover this event, so I just don’t know that we will go next year. Remind me of my misgivings when I talk about my October plans next year!

This past Monday a local bakery had a story time event where they read a book, the kids decorated a cupcake, and they got a treat bag. Unfortunately we were 5 minutes late and missed the story, but Sully and Poppy did enjoy their cupcakes.

Poppy’s outfit was purchased last year in a Facebook wholesale/buy in group. It was way too big last year, so she didn’t wear it, but it fit perfectly this year. I’m saving it for future dress up!

Tuesday was Lily Moms, and they encouraged the children to dress up. I purchased this dress last spring before a certain movie came out. Can you guess what she is supposed to be? I should have had her hold a book.

Sullivan refused to be photographed, but he wore his fireman dress up coat you see above. He refused to wear the hat because he apparently really liked his hair that day. Ha!

Yesterday morning I woke up and started browsing through Facebook like I do pretty much every morning. The “On This Day” feature always gets me. This was the first year in 4 years that we haven’t dressed up in a family theme, and I was so sad! The boys are getting older and have opinions now, but I knew that I could easily put something together for Poppy and I to match on Halloween night. I borrowed some wings from my friend Wendy, attempted some artistic makeup, threw together what I thought looked like a fairy braid, and called it a day. I actually already had the skirt (it seemed like a good idea at the time) so I just pulled from things I already had.

The makeup involved lots of glitter, ha! Poppy’s costume had glitter on the dress and wings so there is glitter everywhere in our house and car.

Poppy’s costume is from Cracker Barrel (random, but they have the most gorgeous costumes!) and the boys’ costumes are from Target. Poppy’s dress actually has LED lights sewn into the skirt and it lights up.

We went to our church’s Fall Festival, and it was amazing. I’m so happy to be a part of a church who pours out its resources into the community. The church is located out in Appling, which is considered the country, and many who live there don’t have safe places or neighborhoods to trick or treat. They bring in bounce houses, games, petting zoos, pony rides, free food, popcorn, cotton candy… it really is HUGE and it made me tear up to see all the families there. It also made me greatly appreciate my church family, because it took a massive amount of people to volunteer: parking attendants, ride attendant, food lines, games, cooks… I was grateful to see so many church members show up to make this happen. Sometimes the comments I hear or read from non-believers or people who don’t attend church is that the church doesn’t serve… well, ours DOES and I’m so happy to be a part of it.

How was your Halloween? If you have children, did they dress up?

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