A Perfect Fall Tunic

It is finally starting to cool down here in Georgia. Today it is a balmy 50 degrees and it feels positively divine! I get so excited when the temperatures change because I love fall clothes. I love layering, leggings, tunics, scarves… all things warm and comfortable!

Dress (color is Black Floral)($22)

A few weeks ago I ran into Old Navy to grab a few items for our family photographs. Specifically, I needed a sweater for Cooper, a shirt for Jason, and a pair of jeans for Sullivan. Somehow I found myself migrating over to the women’s department even though my husband was waiting for me in the car. This dress was in the women’s section (our store doesn’t carry plus size clothes). I normally don’t even browse the women’s section at Old Navy because other than tank tops and cardigans, there isn’t anything that fits me. But the colors in this dress really stood out to me, and when I pulled it off the rack it looked big and flowy.

Knowing Jason was counting the minutes until I came out of the store, I slipped it over my clothes and it fit. I figured I would buy it, try it on again at home, and then return it if it didn’t work.

It worked! I am a size 22/24 at Target and a 3x at Target or Torrid. I purchased this dress in XXL and it fits perfectly!

I paired it with black leggings and some old Target boots. I’m also wearing large hoop earrings – I’m thinking I’m going to bring hoops back!

The dress also comes in a beautiful green floral ($22), a geometric print ($27), and the store also had several colors: plum is one I almost bought but put back.

Speaking of family photographs, here are a few sneak peaks! If you are curious about what the rest of us wore, I had Jason wear jeans and this button down shirt ($25) from Old Navy. I really love Old Navy dress shirts for Jason. He wears them to work and to church. They wash really well and don’t fade, and I can dry them without shrinking. I love that they come out of the dryer without wrinkles.

Cooper wore jeans ($15), a white button down shirt ($14), and a blazer ($25) , all from Old Navy. Again, I just feel like I get a lot of bang for my buck from Old Navy. I can usually score kids jeans for less than $12 (with coupons and/or the military discount), and they hold up without ripping (we bought some Cat & Jack jeans last year that all ended up with holes in the knees). The button down shirts are usually on sale, and I like to have 1-2 in his closet for church (2 because stains are inevitable with my boys, and they wear white dress shirts with bow ties to church). The blazer is made of sweatshirt type material and is fleece lined – it will be great for winter!

Cooper is skinny so I usually put him in skinny or karate jeans.

I had originally intended for Sullivan to be in jeans as well, but I loved these rust pants ($13) with his shirt ($13).

I talked about what Poppy and I wore HERE.

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