Five on Friday Halloween Edition!

Today I’m joining in for Five on Friday! Lots of random but fun things. Make sure you pop in on Christina and April if you want to partake of the fun.

ONE / Oh, the annual visit to the pumpkin patch. I look forward to these pictures all year. Cute, coordinated outfits, beautiful backdrops, sibling love….

And this is what you end up with. My children act as if the light of the sun scorches their eyeballs every single time we step foot outside. Poppy wouldn’t look, Cooper whined about how bright the sun was, and Sullivan just wasn’t happy with the world that day.

The pumpkin patch had this area set up so you could take photos – I have to admit to being a smidge irritated that this lady in the background would NOT move out of the frame. We stood there for awhile waiting for her to move, and she wasn’t budging, so every shot has her in the background. None of them were good anyway, so I guess it doesn’t matter, but… girl. Move your hiney when you see people using the designated spot for photos.

Rant over.

TWO / We were booed!

Our neighborhood isn’t the best at this sort of thing. I’m not sure why, so basically me and my neighbor just gift each other back and forth for every holiday. I have amazing neighbors, that’s for sure, but I wish my entire subdivision was more child friendly. (We actually have a house in the neighborhood who puts up signs on Halloween night saying no one is allowed to step on their lawn. Yep.)  I tried to boo all my surrounding neighbors the first year we lived here and it never went any further. Whomp whomp…

You can’t see them, but my neighbor included two boxes of Duncan Hines mug cake mix. For sure going to tear into that tonight!

THREE / Thoughts? For me it is that weird taffy-ish candy that comes in the orange, black, and tan wrappers. Tootsie Rolls and Sugar Daddies come in a close second.

Speaking of, are you a “buy really nice, brand name candy” person (Snickers, etc) or are you a “buy the cheap candy” person? I fall somewhere in the middle. I buy good candy and then I pad it out with Dum Dums and bubble gum. NO SHAME.


FOUR / Finally got myself together to have our annual Boo to You Halloween Dinner. We had mummy dogs, zombie brains, and some pumpkin shaped pasta with sauce. We did manage to carve our pumpkins but that Halloween house kit is still sitting in the box.

This is random but we call it Boo to You Halloween Dinner because years ago the Disney channel had a song that played all throughout October that went  – “ghosts and goblins, vampire bats, witches in their pointy hats, something something something something the best you’ve ever seen! Boo to You Halloween!”

No one remembers? Just me? Ok then.

FIVE / I am SUPER excited that Instagram live just released an Instastories update that allows you to go live with another person! Patricia is a long time friend of mine and we share a love of all things beauty. She is a professional makeup artist, Rodan & Fields representative, and she blogs over at Jacksonville Moms Blog. We are going to do an Instagram Live together next Thursday, November 2nd, at 10:00 a.m. Please tune in!

That’s all I’ve got for today! What’s plans do you have this weekend?

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