Tips & Tricks of Dry Shampoo

I think at this point it is safe to say that we’ve all heard about dry shampoo. I mean… who loves to wash their hair? Not this girl. Dry shampoo can help me get 4 days out of a shampoo – five days if I’m lucky! But did you know that there are tips and tricks of dry shampoo? There are, and I’m going to help you get the most out of that time saver in a bottle.

First off, my favorite dry shampoo is Pssst! (not an affiliate link).  I’ve been using this for years, ever since I read in a magazine that this was the dry shampoo that Jessica Simpson uses. What can I say – I was on a huge Newlyweds kick at the time. You can find Pssst! at just about any drugstore for less than $5.

Tip #1: Drugstore Gets the Job Done

I know some may disagree with me, but I think drugstore dry shampoos do just as good of a job as higher end dry shampoos. I personally don’t see the point in spending more than $7 on a bottle of dry shampoo. I’ve polled my friends, and the following drugstore brands get two thumbs up:

  • Pssst! (my personal favorite)
  • Batiste
  • Not Your Mother’s
  • Dove (I have personally tried and I like it)
  • Suave

At $3.74, Dove is the cheapest of the bunch, but none of the brands I listed above are more than $10 on Amazon.

Tip #2: Use Dry Shampoo for Volume and Hold

Do you have hair that often falls flat? Does your hair refuse to hold a curl? Dry shampoo can be used to “dirty” up clean hair so that it has texture and hold. This is great for days when you’ve just washed your hair, but you want to curl it or put it up. It can add extra texture to hair that is helpful for getting thin or fine hair to stay in a braid or updo. Fine hair girls, dry shampoo can be used to give you extra volume. Spray it at the roots and tease!

Tip #3: Spray on Your Roots at Night Before Bed

I know this sounds crazy,  but you can experience incredible volume and absorb oil by spraying in your roots before bed. DO NOT COMB IT OUT. Spray, massage into your roots, and let it sit overnight. Brush your hair and style in the morning.

Tip #4: Don’t Use Colored Dry Shampoo

I know colored dry shampoo is all the rage for brunettes, but I have had terrible experience with colored dry shampoo. It can get on your clothes as you spray, and if you scratch your head, the color will transfer to your nails. Not cute!

Now let’s move on to how to apply dry shampoo for your best results.

Trick #1: Hold the Can At Least 6 Inches From Your Hair

Think of dry shampoo as a mist. You don’t want to hold it close to your scalp, because you are going to get a concentrated burst of product only in one area. You are also going to waste product. Hold it away from your hair and move your arm as you apply.

Trick #2: Spray Your Hairline

Spray your hairline first. A lot of people make the mistake of just separating their hair into sections and applying to the roots, but where do you see oil first? The hairline. Make sure you blast the hair at the top of your forehead all the way to your ears. If you are wearing your hair up, pick up your hair and get the back as well.

Trick #3: Divide into Sections and Spray Your Roots

This is the point where you want to begin sectioning off your hair. I start by parting my hair in the middle and then I move down each side towards my ears.

Trick #3: Massage Into Your Roots

Using the pads of your fingers, massage the dry shampoo into the root area.

Trick #4: Let the Dry Shampoo Absorb

Let the product sit on your hair for anywhere from 3-5 minutes. I use this time to brush my teeth and put in my contacts.

Trick #4: Brush It Out

Boar bristle brushes are best because they distribute the oil down the shaft of the hair. If you don’t have a boar bristle brush, use any brush you have. I like to brush away from my natural part. This step is really just meant to remove any excess shampoo and blend any residue into the hair.

Now style your hair!

Tell me – what is your favorite dry shampoo? Do you have any tips or tricks for dry shampoo that you can share?



  1. I use not your mothers. My first dry shampoo I bought was at TJ Maxx, Oliology. I was getting low and decided to buy some more on amazon. The price was $32. Ummmm nope! That’s when I found not your mothers for a better price at target. I like the smell of it better than bastite.

  2. Dove!!! I love Dove dry shampoo but I think I want to try this brand too!!

  3. Great tips! I agree about the brown tinted one. I scratched my head and my nails looked gross! The Batiste brand is my favorite but I’m going to try the psssst one next I think. I love the tip about applying it before bed!!

  4. Rosie Jones says:

    The only time I use the brown one is when I am overdue for a root color. I tell my husband I am “painting the roses red”. In a pinch this will cover your gray but like you said it can get everywhere so be careful!!

  5. Ashley Eaton says:

    I like Not Your Mother’s and Dove. I’ll have to try psssst. And girl, you speak the truth about the colored shampoo…Never Again! ? You’ve got some great tips here that I’m going to try. I have thick hair, so I like to extend my shampoos with dry shampoo too.

  6. I like dry shampoo for styling and volume!!! Thanks for the tips!!

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