August Review

Today I’m linking up with Momfessionals for Friday Favorites! I know we are nearing the end of September, but being the procrastinator that I am, I wanted to do an August review. Our August was busy and packed, full of fun and exciting things!

We started off August by prepping for back to school. Here in Augusta, school starts at the beginning of August. On August 3rd, we had Open House and got to meet Cooper’s second grade teacher.

August 3rd was also the day we found out that Jason made Chief! As I mentioned earlier this week, Jason is in the Navy Reserve. He’s submitted a packet to the board for the past three years, and this was the year he was selected! We were all so proud and thankful. We have been praying for this and I know Jason would tell you it was an incredible feeling to get that phone call and know his prayer had been answered. It’s incredibly hard to make Chief in the Navy Reserves, particularly for his rate. I had no idea what that meant at the time – we were just excited for the promotion. Little did I know that only meant he was Selected… and the next 6 weeks would determine if he would actually be accepted and pinned.

We found out Jason made Chief on Thursday, and that following Saturday he flew to Maine for his Annual Training (AT). As a Reservist, he must complete at least two weeks of AT per year. Here he is with the kids about to fly out (and away! from all parenting responsibilities!) for two weeks.

We had plenty of things to keep us busy in the meantime. That Sunday was Promotion Sunday at church. This is when the kids move into their new Sunday School classes for the year. Cooper moved into the second grade class, Sullivan moved into the 3’s (his birthday is just after the school cut off, meaning he is always the oldest in the class), and Poppy Grace moved into the 2’s class.

I came home that day and as the kids napped, I prepped for our Back to School Dinner. This is an annual tradition for us. I like to decorate the kitchen and Cooper gets to pick what we eat for dinner. This year he picked salisbury steak and mashed potatoes.

This was my big boy on the first day of school! He looks so big. I can’t get over how tall he has gotten or the fact that at some point I blinked and he became a teenager.

I had to hustle that night and switch out the decorations because Poppy Grace’s second birthday was August 8th! I picked up a Publix cake and some Trolls decorations and we had a great celebration at home.

I tried to get Sister to dress to match her birthday theme… but she was NOT having it. She’s become very particular about clothing and apparently this dress was not comfortable.

This was a really packed week. On Wednesday, I taught the first session of a fall women’s bible study at church. I am co-leading with  another wonderful woman, and we are doing Listen Love Repeat by Karen Ehman. (not an affiliate link)

Sullivan has been enjoying a late summer season of t-ball. One of our local churches does an indoor t-ball league for kids 3-5 years old. It is absolute chaos but it is so fun to watch the younger kids be introduced to the game.

Cooper and Jason both got baptized in late August, and on August 13 we had a picnic at the baptism site to introduce the younger children to what and where it would happen. Our church is one of the oldest churches in Georgia, and we have our baptisms at the original church site, in a baptismal pool that is fed by a creek on the property. 100 years worth of church members have been baptized in this same spot. It’s full of tradition and reverence and I’m so thankful Cooper and Jason both were baptized here.

Poppy enjoyed both the cupcakes and blowing at the “iders” (spiders, her new obsession).

This pretty much sums up how my life was when Jason was gone. Everyone was fighting, someone was yelling, and at least one person was always crying. FUN TIMES.

Jason finally made it back home, just in time for me to participate in our LILY Moms retreat at church. Our church has hosted a MOPS program for the past two years, and this year we decided to break our association with MOPS and make the program our own. I am serving on the leadership team for the second year. This year I am Social Media Facilitator and a Table Leader.

This was another packed weekend. I had LILY Moms training on Friday night (thanks Mom for watching the kids!). On Saturday I had a full day of training, and Sullivan had a t-ball game. Jason’s plane was supposed to land on Friday, so he could handle the kids on Saturday, but his flight was cancelled. Thankfully, my mom stepped in and handled the t-ball game and picked Jason up at the airport so that I could attend the training.

Sunday evening was so special – our entire church gathered together to observe about 20 members be baptized. I am so grateful that Jason was willing to be baptized, and it is so very special that he and Cooper were baptized on the same day.

Jason grew up in the Catholic church. While he was saved as a child, he was never baptized fully submerged, which is what our church observes.

Here’s where the month got even more crazy. I had no idea how time intensive Chief season really would be. I think I just thought it would be like any other promotion, but the Selectees had to work hard to be accepted by the Chief’s mess. We didn’t see a lot of Jason from here until mid-September. He would work his regular job, leaving as early as 4:30 and working an 8 hour day. Then he would come home, change, and immediately either go to training, go to someone’s house to work on a project, do PT… it was a busy time. We really only saw each other in passing and what phone calls we could sneak during the day, and there were many days the kids didn’t get to see him at all, because they were in bed before he made it home. It was all worth it in the end… but I’m not going to say it wasn’t hard.

On August 27, we had the our Women’s Ministry Kickoff Dinner at church. We have table hostesses, and each hostess decorated a table to the theme of her choosing. My friend Wendy and I decorated a fall table and it turned out so cute! We used Wendy’s blanket scarf as a tablecloth, and Wendy’s husband cut and sanded blocks that we wrote bible verses on as gifts.

Our speaker that night was Karen Ehman, who is the author of the bible study I am co-leading. It was such an honor to meet her and I may have slightly gushed and asked her to sign my study.

That was August! Super busy, super chaotic, but that’s pretty much life these days.


  1. Caitlin Green says:

    Such a nice blog! And the name is perfection! ?

  2. Congratulations to Jason!!!
    Happy Weekend ?

  3. I love how you do the fun table decorations for holidays and such! Congrats to Jason!

  4. Congrats to Jason and to you for handling all with such grace !!

  5. So awesome that Cooper and Jason were baptized together! I didn’t know he grew up Catholic! Me too! 13 years of uniforms and Catholic school, too!


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