Currently I am…


Game of Thrones. I mean what planet have we been living on that we just discovered GoT? We recently resubscribed to HBO (every summer we subscribe just for True Blood and then unsubscribe once the season is over) and discovered that the entire season of GoT was on demand. I struggled to get into the series at first (mainly because HBO carried every single episode EXCEPT THE FIRST – kind of crucial, HBO) but we were quickly hooked. We binged watched the entire four seasons in three weeks and I kind of feel lost now. Especially since Jason told me last week it doesn’t come back until April. APRIL. For the love of Pete, HBO.


Our small group at church is currently reading Growing Kids God’s Way. It’s been pretty life changing, actually. I’m excited about the changes we’ve been making in our house. I’m also reading Becoming the Woman God Wants Me to Be as my daily devotional and it is pretty darn good as well.

Waiting For

Game of Thrones? My baby to sleep through the night? Football season? This dang Georgia heat to simmer down into bearable temperatures?

All of the above.

Excited About

I’m ready for fall television to resume! Are you? I am missing New Girl, About a Boy, Glee, Dancing with the Stars, and some Bachelor drama.

Trying To

I feel like I should write “lose weight” here but that would require me actually going to the gym and changing my eating habits and well… that ain’t happening.

Working On

I’m currently putting together 4K curriculum. Yep, you read that right. I’ve decided to homeschool Cooper for 4K. More on that later!


Summertime with my boys. I was worried about how we would fill our time this summer, but we’ve been busy bees! I love seeing Cooper make friends every time we go to the pool or the park. The boy doesn’t know a stranger! Sullivan is getting bigger every day and all he wants to do is explore his surroundings.


International Delight White Chocolate Raspberry Creamer. SO GOOD.


I’m sort of obsessed with my Old Navy boyfriend distressed jeans. I wear them pretty much every day. My close friends probably think I’m a hobo with only one thing in my closet.

How about you?

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