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I feel like all I do, all day every day is clean up after people. I literally pick up messes all day long. Cooper’s messes. My husband’s clothes. Sullivan’s path of destruction throughout the house. My dogs’ poop (they have reached the unfortunate age where they are loosing bladder control).

Scratch that – in addition to clean figurative messes, I clean up literal messes. Messes as in poop. Dog poop. Dirty diapers.

And messes as in pee. Tell me, is there ever a time when boys learn to pee in the toilet and not around the toilet?


I’ve been selling some stuff on our local Online Yard Sale Facebook page, and I swear, people can be infuriating. First there are the people who say they want to buy something, and then they never contact you back. There are also the people who say they want to buy something, you message them to set something up, and then they respond with something like “oh my husband doesn’t think that I should buy that!” FOR THE LOVE. This week I posted a baby activity center and a woman asked me if I would take $35 instead of $40. Sure, I said. Then, as I’m driving to meet her, and messages me and said “I only have $32 cash. I hope that’s ok!”

Well, no. No, it isn’t ok, but I guess I’ll take it since I’m already halfway to meet you and otherwise I’d be wasting my gas.


Jason and I are suffering from severe Game of Thrones withdrawal. Did you know it doesn’t come back until APRIL? Now you can be in withdrawal, too.


Happy Thursday, friends! Come back tomorrow for a fun giveaway!

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