TGIFriday, and that means it is time for #tpconfessions!


Let’s get it started!

This week Cooper has been on vacation with my parents. I initially thought it would be a super easy week, but not so much. Someone is teething, and his favorite activity is screaming, chewing on inappropriate things, and doing this fun half whine/half cry every.single.waking.moment.


I confess my week has looked something like this:

Get up. Leisurely drink coffee over the span of an hour. Just kidding – I have 5 minutes to gulp down my piping hot coffee while I have distracted the baby with puffs. Drag the baby from certain death no less than 548 times before his first nap. Clean up the drink he knocked off the side table. Clean up the coffee he knocked off the coffee table while I was cleaning up the first drink. Briefly contemplate whether it would be wrong to have a drink at 10am.

Put baby down for his nap. Crawl into bed because I’m exhausted from getting up 3x with said baby the night before. Right as my eyelids get heavy, jump out of bed because someone does not feel like napping today.

Repeat paragraph #1. Try to eat lunch. Heat lunch up 2 times because every time I sit down to eat, I must clean something up, remove something from someone’s mouth, or rescue the dog from the baby.

Nap time. Pray to Jesus that this nap lasts longer than 15 minutes. Briefly think about cleaning up or showering, but decide my time would be better spent sleeping.

Baby is awake. Play a rousing game of “don’t eat the dog food!” until Dad gets home. Hand baby to Dad and attempt to go take a shower. Get into a fight with Dad because he’s “so tired and I had a hard day.” Argue about who’s day was hardest. I win, only because said baby provides proof of my bad day by screaming and knocking over a picture frame while his Dad and I are bickering.

Put baby to bed. Think briefly about making a nutritious dinner. Instead make sandwiches and sit in the same spot on the couch for the next 2.5 hours. Stumble to bed and sleep not like my baby, who wakes up 3x during the night.

Anyone want to babysit? Any takers?

What do you have to confess this week?

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