It’s time for #tpc, y’all! This is our 7th week, can you believe it? I feel like it has been forever since I’ve gotten some confessions off my chest. Let’s get started!


A few weeks back, I was taking off my makeup in the bathroom. Cooper asked me where one of his toys was, and I told him to ask his dad. He said “I bet it is at Great Will.” Huh? “Who’s Great Will?” I asked. Cooper replied “you know, the place you take my toys when you get tired of them.”


I laugh because it is true.


Jason isn’t a big TV watcher. He is one of those people who likes to have the TV on all.the.time as background noise, but he doesn’t have a big list of shows he is dedicated to watching. The minute he walks into the door, he turns on Fox News and it is on until I finally lose it and demand he either change the channel or turn it off.

Don’t get me wrong – Fox News is my preferred news channel, but *gasp* I really don’t want to listen to the news. I do stay informed (mainly through Jason, who wants to talk current events 24/7) but I just find it all very depressing. I suffer from major anxiety and if I was to sit and listen to the news all day I’d never sleep. When I was working, I figured (as a social worker) that I saw and heard enough bad things throughout the day – I just really didn’t need to hear more when I came home.

I know some of you are appalled by that. I get it. It isn’t that I am ignorant or that I am uninformed – like I said, I know the gist of what’s current news, but I just don’t feel the need to inundate myself with what’s wrong in the world. For me, it stresses me out and causes me to worry.

I’ve gotten super off track. The point of this was to say that Jason’s favorite show is The O’Reilly Factor. Cooper and I do not share his enthusiasm. In fact, when Cooper hears the credits for the show, he scream “OH NO! Not the O’Reilly Factor! Me and my mom don’t like that show!”


Can we talk about how I hate background noise? Really, I hate noise of any kind. I don’t like to have the TV on unless I’m watching a show. I don’t listen to the radio in the car. The only time I listen to music is when I’m working out or I’m cleaning. My kids talk, scream, or cry all.day.long and I just cannot have anything extra contributing to the noise level. Not to mention my husband starts talking the minute he walks in the door and doesn’t stop until he goes to bed. Silence really is golden to me!


Is it weird that I don’t listen to the radio when I’m in the car? Cooper does ask to listen to his CDs (Frozen soundtrack or Veggie Tales) but when I’m alone it is complete silence. And it is lovely.


What do you have to confess this week?

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