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Friends, meet Christy. Christy is a sweet, generous friend who has so kindly offered to sponsor an It Works! giveaway for my readers! Yay!


I met Christy about a year after I moved to Augusta. Christy and I are both part of a big group of girls whose husbands work for the same company. We get together once a month for GNOs and parties.

Christy is an Independent Consultant for a company called It Works! She refers to It Works! as “that crazy wrap thing” yet it is so much more than that. It Works! not only sells body wraps but it also sells whole food nutritional supplements that promote cleansing and detoxification. In addition to wraps and supplements, they offer skin care and anti-aging products.

Christy is a massage therapist who, in addition to offering massages, used to perform traditional wraps on her clients. She stumbled upon It Works! when her sister-in-law starting selling the product. She mentioned it to a few clients who wanted to try it and started to sell it herself. Christy has a growing and thriving business. She offers wrap parties as well as one on one wraps. You can also order the products and apply them yourself in the comfort of your own home!

I have to be honest – I was sooooo skeptical about It Works! I just really didn’t think a wrap could make you lose anything other than water weight. Even though we had mutual friends who raved about the wraps, I continued to be a skeptic. A few weeks ago Christy invited me over to try it for myself and I decided it wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot.

We started off with a wrap. Christy asked me what area I wanted to target, and I said my chin. I’m super self conscious about that area (I joke about having triple chins) so I was anxious to see what a wrap could do.


Here’s what the Ultimate Body Applicator (wrap) looks like. You can use a wrap anywhere from the neck down. It comes in a sealed pouch. You open and apply the gel side to the body part you wish to target. Cover the wrap with something binding (plastic wrap, for example) and let it do its work for 45 minutes. When you are ready to remove, scrap off any excess gel and rub it into your skin. Try not to sweat (excessively) or shower for 2 hours after your wrap. You’ll be able to see some results immediately and full results develop within 3 days.

Since I wanted to do my chin, Christy cut the wrap in half. I was able to save the other half for a second application. You can reapply to the same area three days later.

chinwrapI feel like I can see a difference! I joked to my husband that I’m down from a triple chin to a double. Ha! My mom was so impressed with my results that she did a wrap on her stomach. She also ordered a pack of wraps so that she can do a full treatment.

Here’s an example of a wrap used on the stomach area.


Impressive, huh? I did my arms last week and I am going to purchase a pack of wraps to do a full 4 treatments. I have crazy chicken arms (arms that continue to wave even after you stop) and I am hoping the wraps and the gym will firm me right up.

Christy also let me sample a few other products, and I wanted to mention them to you.

mediumChristy always has a tremendously amount of energy. She’s always going and doing and never seemed to be tired. The first time I met her I asked a friend “what is she on, and how can I get some of that?!” Ha! Well, Christy’s secret is the Greens. Greens contains 8 servings of fruit and vegetables, magnesium, potassium, and a probiotic. I sampled the berry flavor. I did not love the taste of the greens, but please keep in mind that I cannot drink flavored water. However, I did like the Greens Chew, which is the Greens in a candy chew type form. I did feel like I had more energy when I took these!

mediumcI also sampled the Confianza pills. This anti-stress formula helps to improve your focus, fight fatigue, and help with the daily stresses of life. I took this on a day when the kids were driving me particularly insane, and I did feel more grounded and less homicidal. Haha!

I’ve put in an order for the Ultimate Thermofit, which is a weight loss aid, and my mom has ordered the Advanced Formula Fight Fighter. I’ll report back after a month of use to let you know how we like them!

I did end up becoming a Loyal Customer. As a Loyal Customer, you get the products at 40% off. You also receive Perk Points for every dollar you spend, which you can then use on the products. After 3 months you receive free shipping on all orders. There is a $50 fee but that is waived as long as you commit to buying one product a month for three months.

I’m so excited about the giveaway that Christy is sponsoring today! The winner will receive:

This is a $100 value! For details on how to enter, please check the pinned post on the Tickled Peach Facebook page!

Your can order any of the product above by clicking on the links above or by contacting Christy directly.

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  1. Love these products!

  2. Melissa Maxey says:

    I don’t think you need anything to be even more beautiful! This does seem exciting, although I am a skeptic, much like you admit you were. Even if it only works temporarily, though, those results would be very nice for times when I’d like to look better than I really do, like photos, reunions, etc.

    Thank you for sharing your experience with the product!


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