#tpconfessions, week 6!

It’s time for #tpconfessions, week 6!


Am I the only one that is fascinated by infomercials? I mean, all it takes is an appearance by Richard Karn and I’m hooked. I recently fell victim to the lures of the Pocket Hose. FYI, it absolutely DOES leak. However, it is so light weight and easy to move that I put up with the leaking.


Two weeks ago I drove to Aiken to visit my mom at the law firm where she works. The runner (someone who does errands for the paralegals and lawyers) was a friendly young man who took up some time with Cooper while I visited. As we were leaving, my mom said “Andrea, this is James’s oldest son” and I almost fell out in the floor. I was a teenager myself when I babysat this young man! Who is now in college!

Nothing like seeing a child all grown up to make you realize how old you truly are.


On a related note, am I the only one who thinks of themselves as younger than you actually are? Most days I think college was just a few short years ago (and for the record, I graduated college in 200112 years ago). Woof. A song will pop up on my iPhone and I’m all like “this is my jam!” and then I’ll realize the BareNaked Ladies were popular in 1999 and I’m pretty sure one of the members is now in jail.

Also who says “that’s my jam!”? Someone who is old, that’s who.


For yet more proof that I am A) old and B) uncool I present to you this evidence:


I’m naturally a brunette. My hair is very dark brown. I’ve been coloring my hair since I was in high school… at first it was because I like change, and now it is a necessity to cover grey. One color I’ve never done is blonde, but I’m headed that way because my grey is OUT OF CONTROL. Literally 3 weeks after I color the grey around my hairline starts to take over my hair. UGH. One day I will embrace the grey but until then I’ll color. I’m going to slowly go lighter in hopes of being able to cover the grey and get more time between coloring.


Also? Further evidence I am A) old and B) uncool:


On a rare date night, where did the husband and I choose to go? Carrabbas, the Dollar Store, and Publix. I’m pretty sure mall walking and scooters are in our near future.


What do you have to confess today?

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