Serving Him: Enriching Your Marriage & Encouraging Your Spouse

Today we’re starting a new series on Tickled Peach called Serving Him: Enriching Your Marriage & Encouraging Your Spouse.

serving himBefore we get started, let me first make it clear that I am not presenting myself as an expert on the subject of marriage. Far from it! I’ve been married for almost 11 years and I do not think that makes me an expert at anything except knowing how to get on my husband’s nerves. When I had the idea for this series, the purpose was not for me to educate or instruct you. No ma’am. I’m writing this series for myself, and I’m hoping that along the way some of you will benefit from it as well.

I’m not what anyone would call experienced in matters of love. I did not date a ton before I met my husband. I had two serious boyfriends as a teen, I didn’t date at all while I was in college, and then I met my now husband. I am most definitely a romantic. Before I fell in love I thought marriage was all hearts and rainbows and huge sweeping gestures… and now I know differently.

Marriage is hard work. In my opinion, marriage is much less about “love” and more about commitment. That feeling that you have when you first say “I love you”? It doesn’t last. It grows and changes and evolves. Sometimes it even goes away – and this is where commitment comes into play. Truth: you will not always feel love for your husband. He will not always feel love you. True love means sticking around even during those times.

In 10 years of marriage, 10 deployments, 5 moves, 3 houses, 2 children, and 2 dogs the one thing I’ve learned about marriage can be summed up into just a few words: it takes effort.

Right now you may be reading this and thinking:

I’m so tired by the time my husband gets home. I just want to go to bed.

We can’t afford a babysitter.

He doesn’t put in effort; why should I?

He does his thing and I do my thing.

All we talk about is the kids.

Well, this series is for you. It’s for the wife who feels distance from her husband. It’s for the marriage that is in trouble. It is for the couple that is doing just fine – but they could be doing better. It’s for the mom who loves her husband but gives so much to her kids that she feels like she has nothing left for him.

It is for me. I love my husband. I appreciate everything that he does for me and for our family… but I don’t show it. I give and give and give to my kids during the day and by the time the kids are in bed and my husband gets home I have nothing more for him. We rarely go out on date nights because we say that we can’t afford a sitter. When the kids are asleep, we’re both so exhausted that we separate to do our own things as our way of vegging out.

If this series is something that you are interested in, I have a homework assignment for you! I want you to go HERE and take the 5 Love Languages quiz. Have your husband take it as well. Pretty please. Next week we’ll be talking about your results and how what you learn about your spouse can change your marriage.


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