Kid-Made Father’s Day Gifts

Today’s post could be alternately titled Pinterest Fail. Or When Kids Make Something It Doesn’t Look Perfect. In truth I debated whether or not to post my own kid-made gifts, mainly because it didn’t look exactly like the Pinterest perfect images that I got inspiration from. Then I realized how hypocritical that would truly be. Listen, my life is not perfect. My house is not always clean and my kids are not always well behaved. I’d be doing a great disservice to my readers if the only thing I ever showed you was my so-called “perfect” life. Life isn’t perfect. It’s messy and chaotic and CRAZY.

Something I’m really trying to focus on is that true joy comes from finding beauty in imperfection. I hope that is one thing you take away from my posts… I’m am imperfect. I am flawed. I cannot do it all. But I love my kids and I try my hardest and in the end that is enough. These Father’s Day gifts? They may not be pinned a million times. You may look at them and think “Wow… that is not cute.” But my husband will love them because they were made in love, and that’s what matters.


This apron was a fun project, and wasn’t too difficult or expensive to make. All of the supplies were purchased from Michael’s (and I used a coupon). You’ll need an apron, paint, paintbrush, and possibly a stencil or paint pen if you want to include some sort of phrase or message.


The apron could have turned out so much cuter, but the mistakes were all user error (i.e. mine). I made a stencil using Microsoft Word and card stock for the lettering. I laid down the stencil on the apron and filled in with paint (puff paint, remember that?!). The problem is that I got distracted by a wildebeest running around with an open container of paint in my house, and by the time I wrestled back control of the paint and cleaned up the ensuing mess the paint had dried… with the stencil still on top. The white you see if little bits of paper that stuck as I pulled off the stencil. I’m hoping it will come off when I wash it. I was also cheap and bought $1 clearance paint for the hand prints and the paint was very liquid-y. I had to get the preschooler to stamp his hand twice for the color to show up. I didn’t even attempt this with the baby because…. well, I already needed a Xanax and I didn’t want to torture myself more.

Bottom line: use a fabric paint pen instead of a stencil and buy better quality paint.

Source (this is one of those pins that leads nowhere, but I did get the inspiration from Pinterest)


While I was browsing around Michael’s, I stumbled upon a stepping stone kit and thought that would be a fun project and gift for Dad. We’ve been doing a lot of work to our backyard and I thought it would be a meaningful present for Cooper to give to Jason. This is the kit I purchased and it makes 2 stones. It contains everything you need: mold, stone mix, tools, jewels, paint, etc. The decorations were easy and we completed the project in less than 20 minutes. The only tip I have is that the directions tell you to pour the mix and add the water directly in the mold – the mold is shallow and this makes a huge mess. I think if I did this again I would use a throwaway container and then pour into the mold.


This is what Cooper will be giving his Papa, along with a ticket to a baseball game. My dad loves to snack on peanuts when he is watching sports, so I thought this would be a cute, easy, and inexpensive gift. The tag was downloaded from Don’t Waste The Crumbs.


We will also be filling out this Father’s Day questionnaire from Family Spice. Click on the link for a downloadable PDF.

For more gift ideas, check out our Father’s Day Pinterest board!


  1. Oh, I remember those days! I think part of the fun in this gifts are the mistakes! Great memories and keepsakes. Thank you for mentioning my printable and I hope the dads in your life have a terrific Father’s Day!

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