#tpconfessions, week 3!


Happy Friday! Thank goodness it is the weekend, amIright? Do you have any special Memorial Day plans? It will be a low key weekend for us but I am looking forward to getting my grays did by my lovely hair stylist on Saturday!

Let’s get started!


My husband and I bought a gigantic wooden playset from Costco oh, what? A month ago? Six weeks ago? My neighbors could probably answer that. My husband promptly took it out of its many boxes, spread it all over the backyard, and left it there. In his defense he’s been working long hours and every time he’s home long enough to work on it the weather has been terrible. Fingers crossed we make some real progress this weekend!



I’ve had a rough two weeks. Rough. From receiving some stressful news to dealing with an out of control preschooler, I have been at my wit’s end more than I’d like to admit. I made a big batch of peach sangria Monday and it has been soothing my nerves every night since.

The husband approved of the sangria, as you can see from his photobomb.



My name is Andrea, and my child’s pack and play currently holds our clean laundry.


What do you need to confess this week?


  1. Ha! That pack and play looks familiar! Blue is still sleeping in the sleep and play beside me so his crib has looked exactly the same a few times! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Amanda Burgess says:

    My beds dont look like that but my couch has become the fold and sort dump piles. …along with trash bags full of clothes for goodwill!

  3. Natasha Hoskins says:

    When we bought our wooden play set it sat in our garage for a year. Reau just works to many long hours. So after a year I decided to do it myself it took about a week but it got done ๐Ÿ™‚

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