#tpconfessions, week 2


Time for round two of #tpconfessions! Did you play along last week? You can leave your confession in the comments, write a blog post and leave the link in the comments, or use the hashtag on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Let’s get started!


#momfail. Last week I was trying to get some cleaning done, so I stuck my 8 month old in the bouncy seat that we haven’t used since he was 2 months old. I turned on Baby Einstein in hopes that it would buy me the time to vacuum. When I turned around just a few seconds later, he was upside down on the bed, hanging by the belt that secures the baby into the bouncer. #parentingwin


Remember my hair confession last week? I got a blow out on Saturday and I haven’t washed my hair yet (I’m writing this on Thursday). I know.


Do you do the mommy sway? I do. I bet you do, too. I do it even when I’m not holding my baby. When I’m standing still, I find myself unconsciously swaying back and forth as if I’m trying to rock a baby. I do it when I’m having conversations with my friends. I do it when I am standing to sing in church. I do it when I’m blow drying my hair. The mommy sway – it’s a real thing,  y’all.


Am I the only one that sweats like a pig when trying to get out of the door on time? This is especially true when I am running around getting ready for doctors appointments, church, or school. I spend tons of time putting on makeup and straightening my hair, and by the time I get everyone else dressed and ready to go I look like I’ve ran 5 miles. Well, I look like I imagine I would look if I ran. Which I do not. Unless someone is chasing me. Even then I’d only run if I thought I stood a chance of getting away.


What are your confessions this week?

P.S. My Cinco de Mayo decorations are totally still up. I did make tacos this week, so I told myself we were having a fiesta.

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