Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mothers Day Gift IdeasPlease be noticeably impressed by my mad button making skills. #sarcasm

Confession: I”m pretty terrible at giving gifts. I really am. You know how some people just seem to know exactly what to buy for the people they love? They see something in July and the gift recipient’s birthday is in January, and they go ahead and buy it. They probably wrap it, too. Ugh. I am the person who either A) gives a gift card or B) gives the same thing year after year once I find something someone likes. (Dear Niece, glad you liked those pajamas because you’ll be getting some next year as well!)

I’m trying to get better; I really am. I figured I’d get my creative juices flowing by putting together a list of ideas for Mother’s Day. This is more geared towards what you could get your mother or grandmother, but feel free to point your husband my way if you see something you might like for yourself.

Side note: I’ve gotten to the point in my marriage where I just buy my own gifts. In fact (FYI Husband!) I purchased some new dinnerware from Pier One today! Happy Mother’s Day to me! My husband is great at so many things, but he is not a thoughtful gift giver. If I did not buy my own gift, he’d stop at Wal-Mart on the way home from church on Sunday (with me in the car, no less) and buy me some wilted flowers and a Snickers. Truth. This is the same man who went shopping at 6:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve – otherwise known as the year I received Slim Jims (and an off brand Slim Jim at that).

Bless his heart.

Ideas For Moms

  1. How about a gift certificate for a housekeeping session? Seriously, I would lose my mind if I got this. I might even wear something besides my Hanes Her Way t-shirt to bed if this was in my Mother’s Day card. There’s even a Groupon running right now – $60 for a 2 hour deep cleaning session.
  2. Photography session – My brother and I did this for my parents for Christmas, and they really loved it. I got together my brother’s family and my family, dressed us all in coordinating clothes, and then had some canvases printed. I think this is a really thoughtful gift!
  3. Canvas – if you already have that perfect photograph, how about a canvas? I love canvases; I have them all over my house. I think the best size is 16×20. Groupon’s got you covered for that, too: here’s a $29 16X20 print from Canvas on Demand (my favorite canvas company).
  4. I don’t know of any mom that would turn down a spa day. How about a gift certificate for a manicure, pedicure, facial, or massage? I love getting facials from Retreat Salon and Spa here locally.
  5. Charm or Pandora bracelet – This is the gift that keeps on giving, because you can keep buying charms for Christmas or birthdays. Fill it up with charms that reflect your mom’s personality!
  6. I would love a night away at a hotel. BY MYSELF. Yes, you read that right. By myself. I’d take a bath, watch reality shows, order room service, get a spa treatment, and most important – SLEEP IN!
  7. A “stock up” item: this refers to something you know your mom uses and loves. Buy her favorite perfume, a back up of her foundation or her favorite eye shadow palette, replacement brushes for her Clarisonic, etc.
  8. Speaking of the Clarisonic, this makes a GREAT gift. I gifted my sister-in-law with a Clarisonic for Christmas. It will absolutely transform your skin!
  9. A new bible – you can make it extra special by writing her a special note and highlighting verses that remind you of her.
  10. A Kindle. Do you have a book reader in your life? I love my Kindle. It’s the #1 electronic I could not live without (even over my iPhone). Amazon has the most basic Kindle (which is what I have – I just want to be able to read on it) for $49!
  11. A FitBit or a Polar Heart Rate Monitor. Is your mom trying to get into shape? Why don’t get her a gadget that will help? The FitBit tracks step, distance, calories burned, and active minutes. The Polar Heart Rate Monitor tells you how many calories you’ve burned and the amount of time you’ve exercised. I have a Polar FT7 and I love it!

Gifts for Grandmothers

I always get my grandmothers a little something for Mother’s Day as well. Why not show the “other mothers” in your life how much you love them?

  1. A potted plant or a flower. This is my gift of choice for my grandmothers. I like to go and get them some flowers to plant in their garden.
  2. A wreath. Are you crafty? I think a spring or a summer wreath to spruce up their front porch would be lovely!
  3. I love the idea of the My Life Story book. It would be easy (although time consuming) to make a homemade, scrapbook-type version of this book. I think it would be an incredible keepsake as well!
  4. A few frozen meals. I think this would be very thoughtful! My grandmother is having a harder time getting around, and she’d rather make a sandwich than spend time making a meal at the stove. Why not make a few frozen meals that she can pop in the oven when she doesn’t feel like cooking?
  5. Framed pictures – what grandmother doesn’t love pictures of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren?

Gifts from the Grandchildren

When giving gifts from the grandchildren, I think handmade is best. Here are a few ideas from our Pinterest board, Mother’s Day Ideas.


Puzzle Piece Frames

These puzzle piece frames are super cute, and you probably have the supplies on hand. You can find the instructions HERE.

Clothespin Butterflies

I think this would be a fun craft as well, and it is an excellent fine motor activity for preschoolers. Find the instructions HERE.

Tell me – what are you getting your mom for Mother’s Day?


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