Last Minute Teacher Gifts


Cooper’s last day of school was last Thursday. It really crept up on me. Well, not the day itself – I’d been halfway excitedly anticipating/dreading that day for weeks. (Are you with me? Say amen!) But the fact that it was the last day of school and I’d need to somehow acknowledge his teachers crept up on me. As in while I was in the car line to drop off Cooper on Thursday. I dropped him off and sprinted to Target to find a last minute gift.

I found these cute polka dot boxes on a clearance shelf and I decided to get them a gift card and some nail polish. I put them together in the cafe before zooming back to preschool for the end of the year party.


I debated not sharing these pictures but since I do pride myself on keeping it real, here you go. Clearly had I not been in such a rush I would have caught my spelling error. You will notice I got it right on the second gift. Ha! How hilarious is it that I misspelled a word on a card to a teacher?!

My friend Lis from Beach Bum and Baby came up with the coolest teacher gift and I asked her if I could share it with you. The coffee lover in me LOVES this gift.

Starbucks Cup Teacher Gift

When she purchased her gift card at Starbucks, she asked for a cup and they were happy to oblige. She filled it with brown and white tissue paper, the gift card, and topped it with a tag and a ribbon. Super cute!

I polled my teacher friends on Facebook and Twitter to ask what they would prefer to receive as an end of the year teacher gift.

  1. A heartfelt thank you note from you and your child.
  2. Something for the classroom or a gift card to a teacher supply store
  3. A book for the classroom
  4. Gift cards! Every single teacher responded that they loved gift cards. Starbucks, Dunkin’ Doughnuts, Target, Wal-Mart, the movie theater, a gift card for a manicure, a mall gift card.. the possibilities are endless.
  5. “Anything monogrammed” – that one was a direct quote!
  6. One friend said she would love to get gift cards to the Dollar Tree. There are actually tons of educational supplies there!
  7. Several teachers mentioned they loved tumblers. They love them even more when they are monogrammed!

Here are a few things my teacher friends said they would NOT want to receive:

  1. Coffee mugs
  2. “No cheap lotion or candles.”
  3. No Pinterest crafts
  4. Stationary. This one was a bummer to me because I had monogrammed notepads and pens made for my son’s teachers for Christmas.

If you are a teacher, what gifts would you most like to receive? What gifts would you not like to receive?

Readers, do you get your child’s teacher(s) gifts for the end of the year? If so, what do you gift?

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