To The Mothers

Yesterday I was woken up early by the sounds of my sweet baby stirring in his crib. I’ve got to be honest – most days this is not greeted with smiles and excitement. Most days I stumble out of bed, grab the baby, and make a beeline for the coffee pot. But yesterday I heard his babbling and I thought “thank you, God. Thank you for making me a mother.

I didn’t post this yesterday because I wanted to soak up time with my family, and I figured you would be doing the same as well. But since this is a site for moms, and I recognize and appreciate all you do, I want to dedicate a special post to you.

Thank you. Thank you to the Mothers.

You are the CEO and Director of Operations of your home.You juggle many hats: you are the cook, the chauffeur, the financial manager, the teacher, the secretary, the maid. You pack lunches and make dinners. You do laundry, pick out clothes, and dress the masses. You clean up. You scrub toilets. You referee fights. You drive and you drive some more.

You sacrifice. You give up sleep, alcohol, date nights, things you want, and sometimes things you need. You stay up late prepping for birthdays and sewing costumes for dance or theater productions. You clean a room only to have your toddler undo your work less than an hour later. You don’t sit down for dinner; you eat standing up in between cries from someone needing you.

You do the things that no one else wants to do. You clean up vomit. You mop the floor in the bathroom three times a week because *someone* in your household needs to work on their aim. You scrub grass and dirt stains out of sports uniforms. You figure out how to make your money stretch so everyone has what they need and a little of what they want.

You love. You love with a passion and depth that can’t really be expressed in words. From the moment you saw those two pink lines – the minute you felt the movements of your child in your belly – the first time you saw his or her face – you loved. You wept because while you knew you would love your child, you didn’t realize how much. You loved. You will always love, no matter what. Time, distance, loss – none of it can change the love for your child.

You feel the great responsibility that has been given to you. The responsibility to raise a child. To keep your child safe. To protect them. To teach them. To raise them to be ladies and gentleman of strength, nobility, compassion, courage, and love. You worry endlessly if you are doing this Mom thing right. The answer is yes. Yes, you are.

Happy Mother’s Day to the Mothers.

Thank you. Thank you to the Grandmothers.

You raised our Mothers. You provided an example to our moms on what kind of mothers they should be. Every hug, every kiss, every word of encouragement to us is because you were there to do the same for our mothers.

You provided endless fun and encouragement us. You swooped in and saved the day when our moms needed help or needed a break. You took us to the park, the ice cream shop, the amusement park. You didn’t yell. You rarely disciplined. You gave us what we wanted and then sent us home. You were fun! You were exciting!

You were at every sport game and recital, cheering us on. We hugged you tight the day we graduated. You were right there in the church, wiping your tears as we said our vows. You’ve been there for every moment, big and small.

Happy Mother’s Day to the Grandmothers.

Thank you to the Other Mothers.

Thank you to the teachers. The childcare providers. The church leaders and volunteers. The neighbors. The aunts, the cousins, the family members.

You might have been there when we took our first steps. You laid the foundations of our faith and our beliefs about God. You watched over us as we played, we swam, we had picnics and tea parties. You helped us to realize our potential.

You were our community. Our tribe. Our leaders and our examples. It takes a village, and you were the towns people.

Happy Mothers’ Day to the Other Mothers.

And a special note to those of you whom are grieving today:

To those of you who have lost your Mother, I pray you will find comfort in the memories of your mom. I hope her love for you is reflected in the love you feel for your children.

To those of you who have lost a child – I have no platitudes for you today. I pray you will feel the warmth and comfort of God’s embrace. I hope that even in your grief you can remember your precious memories and love. I pray for comfort and strength for you.

To those of you who are waiting to become mothers, I pray that you will experience motherhood someday soon. I do not know why it hasn’t happened for you yet. But I pray for you. I pray that in some way or form, God will fulfill the desire of your heart. Be strong and trust in the hope and plans that God has laid for you.

Happy Mother’s Day.



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