Fall Appreciation Gifts


This year I am serving on our MOPs leadership team and my primary job is to create appreciation gifts for the wonderful ladies that love on our children during our MOPs meetings. I’ve had so much fun scouring Pinterest and coming up with creative yet inexpensive ideas to say thanks each month. This is what I came up with for fall appreciation gifts.

These gifts were created for our nursery workers, but they would be perfect as teacher gifts, gifts for Sunday School teachers, classroom snacks, Halloween gifts, etc.


This was our September gift. I found individual cartons of caramel dip and added an apple as a fun, healthy, and delicious treat! I was able to make 25 of these for less than $25, and that included the bag, ribbon, apples, and caramel.


These were fun but were a little more labor intensive. I found Hershey bars (full size bars) on clearance at Walmart (check Sams and Costco as well!). You will need one roll of white streamer, googly eyes, black construction paper, and glue in addition to the candy bars. I used THIS template for the bats. For the mummies, I would tear off a strip, cut it in half lengthwise, and wrap messily around the candy bar. Cooper was able to help me with these! These mummies and bats would make great class treats. I made 24 treats for less than $20.

Are you sending in any special gifts or treats to your child’s classroom or teacher?