Wiggle Worms Boutique Giveaway

I have the best friends, do I not? I have to say my sweet friends have been so supportive of this little blog of mine. They know this is important to me and they know how much I want Tickled Peach to succeed, so they have all been so generous at offering to host giveaways to support me. I love you guys!


And of course, you guys get to benefit from my amazing friends’ generosity! Today my friend Sarah is hosting a giveaway. She owns Wiggle Worms Boutique, which offers custom clothes and accessories for your little one. Sarah has been in business for less than a year and she is one hard working mama! I’m constantly in awe of all she manages to do and how she manages to balance her business and her family.

PicMonkey Collage

Sarah made matching golf shirts for the boys to wear during Masters week. We do live in Augusta, right? We have to represent. Never mind the fact that I haven’t stepped foot into the sacred gates since I was in high school.

I have to say this about sweet, sweet Sarah – poor Sarah who has to deal with me. I contacted her one Wednesday night and said “hey can you make me a soccer shirt for Sullivan to wear to Cooper’s games?” and she said sure. Then she asked when I needed it. “Um… Friday?” Girlfriend made it happen. I wouldn’t recommend doing that, though. Do as I say and not as I do. 🙂


I’m so excited about some of the things Wiggle Worms Boutique is offering for fall! Sullivan’s first birthday is coming up, and I have my eye on a birthday bundle. Look at that sweet birthday hat! I die!

Want to show your (hopefully SEC) football pride? Wiggle Worms Boutique is offering game day shirts for your little ones! She has a variety of appliques for boys and girls and can make them to match pretty much any team. USC? FSU? LSU? USC? Clemson? Auburn? USC? (Can you tell which is my team?!) Get your little one ready to cheer in a shirt that shows their team pride!

Back to school is just around the corner and if you are like me, you want to get your little one a first day of school shirt. Man, I’m going to push for these applique shirts as long as my boys will wear them! I’ve already ordered Cooper a back to school shirt for the first day of 4K!


Mamas need some monogramming, too! I love all things chevron so of course this scarf is right up my alley. I think it would make a perfect birthday or Christmas gift for just $20! I love the hats, too. Bad hair day? No problem. $15 is super affordable.

I died of cuteness when I saw this pocket tee – how cute is this for a dental hygienist? Contact Sarah and see if she can hook you up with something custom!

Sarah is offering a $50 credit to Wiggle Worms Boutique for one lucky winner! Yay!

Head over to Tickled Peach’s Facebook page to enter. You can earn an extra entry by commenting here! Winner will be announced next Friday.

***The winner of the Summer Lynn Photography giveaway is Tina Payne! Congrats, Tina!***


Summer Lynn Photography GIVEAWAY!

I am so excited about today’s post! My wonderful and generous friend, Heather of Summer Lynn Photography, is hosting a giveaway for Tickled Peach readers! Make sure you read to the end to hear about the giveaway!

I first met Heather last summer. I was 35 weeks pregnant, had completely procrastinated on making plans for my maternity pictures, and was on the hunt for someone who could accommodate me ASAP. I asked for recommendations from friends, and Summer Lynn Photography was a name I kept hearing over and over.

My first maternity session got cancelled because my blood pressure was through the roof the day I was supposed to take my pictures. Thankfully, Heather was able to fit me in at 37 weeks – just four days before I was induced. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, huh?

maternity collage

I emailed Heather some pretty specific instructions of what I wanted before my session. She really listened! I didn’t really want “maternity” pictures; I wanted family pictures in which I was pregnant, and I think we made that happen!


Two weeks later we met again to shoot Sullivan’s newborn photos. I LOVE how they turned out. We did them at Heather’s house, and again, she was so accommodating! My husband, my newborn, my 3 year old, and I took over her house. My husband and I pretty much handed over the baby to her and let her do her thing while we desperately attempted to make sure that Cooper did not trash her house.


She had my husband and I jump in for some impromptu shots, and I love how they turned out, especially this picture of Jason and Sully.

fall pic collage

We scheduled a fall mini session just three weeks later. Sweet Sully slept through the whole thing, and Cooper was an absolute nightmare. Whew! I was a mess of nerves by the time we left, but sweet Heather just laughed and did her best to work with him. He did not want to listen or do anything we asked to do, but she just kept encouraging him and making jokes until she got the perfect shot.


I can’t resist the allure of a mini session (a mini session is a 30 minute session in which you’re guaranteed a specific number of edited photos at a discounted price) so we headed back for Christmas minis a few weeks later. I believe Jason asked on the way “exactly how many pictures can we have made before we admit we are vain?”

Then, another month later, I decided that I wanted to have family pictures made as a Christmas present for my parents. My brother and I have never had professional pictures made of ourselves and our families, so I contacted Heather to see if she could book us for a session.


My niece and nephew – who hate having their pictures made – were perfect angels, while Cooper, once again, was a terror. Doesn’t he look sweet? This day he made Heather work for those shots.


In March I emailed Heather because I wanted to have some updated photos I could use on the Tickled Peach website. I had some very specific ideas. I wanted to get a shot of Cooper blowing confetti – I wanted to use balloons – and I wanted fun, happy shots.

springfam Collage

Haha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Poor Heather. Poor, sweet Heather who always has to deal with my stubborn child and does so with a smile on her face. Cooper would not cooperate, but she tried again and again to get the shots I wanted. Our session was one hour but she spent more time with us just so I would be satisfied with the pictures.


Bless her heart. I remain convinced we are the most difficult client she has.

I use Heather for our family photos for many reasons. For one, she is the most positive, upbeat person that I know. She has the patience of a saint – and trust me, my child has tested that patience. She is wonderful with children! Cooper turns into a stubborn mule the instant a camera is pointed at him, and Heather just patiently works with him until she gets a perfect shot. Seriously – long past the point where I am a raving madwoman, Heather is still laughing and smiling with my child. She makes the entire process of having pictures made so pleasant. Her focus is on shooting natural pictures of your family, so you are encouraged to interact and have fun and watch how your love for one another comes across on the camera. She is phenomenally talented and extremely affordable!

Here are some other examples of Heather’s work:


I’m really excited about the special packages Summer Lynn Photography has going on right now! The Watch Me Grow package includes four photo sessions including newborn, tummy, sitting up, and 1 year. It is extremely affordable at $425, and you can even spread the cost out through your four sessions. You can add a maternity session for an additional $75.

In addition, she’s offering a Watch Me Grow Big package for older children! Choose from either four or six sessions to capture memories of your child’s special moments.

Contact Summer Lynn Photography for more information!

Ready for the GIVEAWAY?

Summer Lynn Photography is giving away a 30 minute portrait session to one lucky Tickled Peach reader! You will receive up to 10 images on a disk. The session will take place at an outdoor location of your choice.

To enter to win, head over to Tickled Peach’s Facebook page!

{One additional entry will be given for each comment on this post!}

It Works! Giveaway

Friends, meet Christy. Christy is a sweet, generous friend who has so kindly offered to sponsor an It Works! giveaway for my readers! Yay!


I met Christy about a year after I moved to Augusta. Christy and I are both part of a big group of girls whose husbands work for the same company. We get together once a month for GNOs and parties.

Christy is an Independent Consultant for a company called It Works! She refers to It Works! as “that crazy wrap thing” yet it is so much more than that. It Works! not only sells body wraps but it also sells whole food nutritional supplements that promote cleansing and detoxification. In addition to wraps and supplements, they offer skin care and anti-aging products.

Christy is a massage therapist who, in addition to offering massages, used to perform traditional wraps on her clients. She stumbled upon It Works! when her sister-in-law starting selling the product. She mentioned it to a few clients who wanted to try it and started to sell it herself. Christy has a growing and thriving business. She offers wrap parties as well as one on one wraps. You can also order the products and apply them yourself in the comfort of your own home!

I have to be honest – I was sooooo skeptical about It Works! I just really didn’t think a wrap could make you lose anything other than water weight. Even though we had mutual friends who raved about the wraps, I continued to be a skeptic. A few weeks ago Christy invited me over to try it for myself and I decided it wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot.

We started off with a wrap. Christy asked me what area I wanted to target, and I said my chin. I’m super self conscious about that area (I joke about having triple chins) so I was anxious to see what a wrap could do.


Here’s what the Ultimate Body Applicator (wrap) looks like. You can use a wrap anywhere from the neck down. It comes in a sealed pouch. You open and apply the gel side to the body part you wish to target. Cover the wrap with something binding (plastic wrap, for example) and let it do its work for 45 minutes. When you are ready to remove, scrap off any excess gel and rub it into your skin. Try not to sweat (excessively) or shower for 2 hours after your wrap. You’ll be able to see some results immediately and full results develop within 3 days.

Since I wanted to do my chin, Christy cut the wrap in half. I was able to save the other half for a second application. You can reapply to the same area three days later.

chinwrapI feel like I can see a difference! I joked to my husband that I’m down from a triple chin to a double. Ha! My mom was so impressed with my results that she did a wrap on her stomach. She also ordered a pack of wraps so that she can do a full treatment.

Here’s an example of a wrap used on the stomach area.


Impressive, huh? I did my arms last week and I am going to purchase a pack of wraps to do a full 4 treatments. I have crazy chicken arms (arms that continue to wave even after you stop) and I am hoping the wraps and the gym will firm me right up.

Christy also let me sample a few other products, and I wanted to mention them to you.

mediumChristy always has a tremendously amount of energy. She’s always going and doing and never seemed to be tired. The first time I met her I asked a friend “what is she on, and how can I get some of that?!” Ha! Well, Christy’s secret is the Greens. Greens contains 8 servings of fruit and vegetables, magnesium, potassium, and a probiotic. I sampled the berry flavor. I did not love the taste of the greens, but please keep in mind that I cannot drink flavored water. However, I did like the Greens Chew, which is the Greens in a candy chew type form. I did feel like I had more energy when I took these!

mediumcI also sampled the Confianza pills. This anti-stress formula helps to improve your focus, fight fatigue, and help with the daily stresses of life. I took this on a day when the kids were driving me particularly insane, and I did feel more grounded and less homicidal. Haha!

I’ve put in an order for the Ultimate Thermofit, which is a weight loss aid, and my mom has ordered the Advanced Formula Fight Fighter. I’ll report back after a month of use to let you know how we like them!

I did end up becoming a Loyal Customer. As a Loyal Customer, you get the products at 40% off. You also receive Perk Points for every dollar you spend, which you can then use on the products. After 3 months you receive free shipping on all orders. There is a $50 fee but that is waived as long as you commit to buying one product a month for three months.

I’m so excited about the giveaway that Christy is sponsoring today! The winner will receive:

This is a $100 value! For details on how to enter, please check the pinned post on the Tickled Peach Facebook page!

Your can order any of the product above by clicking on the links above or by contacting Christy directly.

Christy Higby




Abbey Bethmann Photography

I never had newborn pictures made with my first child and I always regretted it. When I discovered I was pregnant with my second, I immediately began planning for his first photo session. Time goes so fast when you have a baby, and I wanted to document those precious weeks when my baby was tiny and new.

I asked a few friends on Facebook if they could recommend a newborn photographer. One name that kept coming up over and over again was Abbey Bethmann Photography.

Abbey is, first and foremost, a mother. She’s raising two precious boys of her own. I’ve been able to spend time with Abbey and her kids and I can tell you she has the patience of a saint. During a play date at her house, I saw her act with endless compassion and kindness. Crumbs on the floor from kids eating cookies? No big deal. Mom stressed out over a fussy baby? Abbey took him and rocked him to sleep. Abbey displays that same kindness and patience during photography sessions. Have no worry about your child feeling shy or fussy – Abbey will work with you until you have the perfect shot!


Abbey Bethmann is a boutique style photographer specializing in maternity, newborn, children, and family photography. She is a member of the Professional Photographers of America, National Association of Newborn and Family Photography, and Nikon Professional Services.


She offers a many different types of sessions with varying price points that can fit your budget. Abbey offers both natural light and studio sessions.


  • Maternity
  • Gender Reveal – Are you planning a gender reveal party or would you like to capture the moment you find out the sex of your child on camera? Abbey has plenty of ideas on how to photograph that exciting moment!
  • First 48 Session – Abbey will come to you while you are in the hospital and capture those first hours or days with your newborn.
  • Newborn
  • Milestone – This is a package that captures not just your maternity and newborn photos, but other precious moments from your child’s first year! Abbey will capture your child at 6 months, 9 months, and 1 year. The 1 year session includes a cake smash!
  • Mini Sessions
  • Family Sessions


Abbey is sponsoring a giveaway for Tickled Peach! I am so excited for you guys! One lucky reader will receive a studio mini session, including one 8×10 image and an online gallery with 7-10 pictures to review.


How to enter:

  1. “Like” Tickled Peach on Facebook
  2. “Like” Abbey Bethmann Photography on Facebook
  3. Check out the pinned post on Tickled Peach’s Facebook page for more details on how to enter!

Ready to Get Pretty? It’s Giveaway Time!

I have been so excited and so nervous this past week in the midst of all the preparations for my site launch. I really and truly believe in Tickled Peach and I’m so passionate about my desire to encourage and inspire fellow mothers. It means so much to me that you have stopped by t0 read. I hope you will become a regular visitor!

I want to say a special thank you to my friends and family who have shared and promoted by website. Thank you for believing in me and supporting me.

Actually, I want to say thank you to everyone! I’ve put together a little giveaway of my favorite things to give to one of my readers.

TP gettin pretty giveaway

  • Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Total Care Shampoo
  • Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Total Care Conditioner
  • Freeze It Hairspray
  • Benefit Scent-Sational Beauty Notes
  • Mario Badescu Cucumber Cleansing Lotion
  • Benefit Total Moisture Face Cream
  • Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette
  • Benefit It’s Potent! Eye Cream
  • Benefit They’re Real Mascara
  • Benefit Cha Cha Tint
  • Yes to Carrots Age Refresh Cleansing Facial Towelettes
  • EOS Lip Balm, Set of 4
  • Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion

This giveaway will close on Friday, May 9th, 2014. It is open to US residents only.

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